MADELON adheres to the German seiko manufacturing and innovation of indoor climate system, restoring high-quality indoor climate environment for users to breathe deeply.


Franchise advantages

MADELON mai di fong kuo countries environmental technology co., LTD., headquartered in Germany, north rhine-westphalia Dusseldorf, to research and develop high quality comfortable indoor climate system and heat recovery ventilation technology, and geared to the needs of architects, commercial and civil building owners, provide professional comfort climate system design plan, the energy saving ventilation scheme selection and technical solutions.

MDL Environment Science & Technology Germany GmbH offers a wide range of indoor climate systems of German quality. Based on China’s haze climate, MADELON established the “Energy Recovery Full Heat Exchange Membrane Application Engineering Technology Research Center” together with Ningbo Materials Technology and Ningbo Engineering Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 2012, he successfully developed the “heterogeneous film” heat recovery exchange membrane and the “Micro electrostatic IDM dust collecting module”. MADELON’s heterogeneous membrane technology application and all-thermal net effect new fan system is MADELON’s flagship product for defining luxury and comfort climate, designed specifically for high-end architecture in China, and is a customized comfort indoor climate system. The Maidilong fresh air system covers the air volume from 150m3/h to 20000m3/h, and is equipped with two kinds of pipe distribution systems, namely, top feeding and ground feeding. Moreover there is no pipe heat recovery open air system; Provide integrated, high quality solutions for new and renovated houses.

MADELON (Zhejiang) Xinfeng Technology Co., LTD., as MADELON’s Operation and service center in China, is responsible for market management, market development, project negotiation, technical support and after-sales service in China.

Tief Durchatmen Deep breathing
MADELON adheres to the German seiko manufacturing and innovation of indoor climate system, restoring high-quality indoor climate environment for users to breathe deeply.

Franchise conditions

  • Have independent design service installation team and operation team

  • Have independent and perfect operation site

  • Have the ability to quickly enter the local high-end building materials market

  • We recognize the service concept of Maidylon fresh air system and jointly create a good business model of sustainable development

Offline experience store

Store opening support

  • Flagship Type A store
    Market: Nationwide
    Store area: ≥80 square meters
    Sample requirements: sample design standard for the flagship store
  • Basic store Type B
    Market: Nationwide
    Store area: 80 square meters > area ≥40 square meters
    Sample requirements: sample design standards for standard stores
  • Basic store C
    Market: Nationwide
    Store area: < 40 square meters
    Sample requirements: sample design standards for basic stores

Dealer support policy

  • Sales support
    Provide sales support and related product brochures

  • Support activities
    4 events per year, first payment policy, decoration support and event support

  • Training support
    1. Provide online free training support (pre-sales, post-sales, product knowledge, sales skills, operation methods and other related training)
    2.1 to 2 persons will attend the new business training camp in the company
  • Business support
    1. Tooling, product folding, demonstration props, certificate of honor and other promotional materials.
    2. The company assisted the staff to the store to assist the opening activities, and cooperated with the pre-opening publicity.
  • After-sales support
    Official quality assurance (except auxiliary materials and consumables), national guarantee.

  • Free deposit, 0 franchise fee

  • New business cooperation, free sample

  • Shop decoration, full refund

  • 4 times a year, free of charge

  • Opening gifts, event packages

Joining process

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